Student Printing Policy
College of Coastal Georgia - University System of Georgia
Official Title: Student Printing Policy
Abbreviated Title: Student Printing Policy
Volume: CCGA Policies
Responsible Office: Technology Services
Originally Issued: November 5, 2012
Effective Date: January 14, 2013
Revised: November 5, 2012

Student Printing Policy

Policy Statement

This policy documents the cost structure of the Student Printing function at CCGA.  This policy applies to both the Brunswick and Camden campuses. Actively enrolled students are allocated a $10 printing credit to be used for printing each academic semester. This credit will be used to purchase printouts at printers located on campus. Black & White printouts will cost $.10 per page. Students who exceed the print credit will be responsible for paying the balance due. Students who do not pay print overages will have their student records placed on hold until payment is received.

Reason for Policy

This policy has been adopted primarily to control the costs associated with Student Printing and insure that costs are effectively distributed amongst the student population. Additionally this policy is in effect to support and promote responsible environmental initiatives by reducing paper, chemical and electricity consumption.

Entities Affected by This Policy

All CCGA students who utilize on campus printer resources are affected by this policy.

Who Should Read This Policy

All actively enrolled CCGA students as well as Faculty who require printed submission of assignments.


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What do Printing Charges Cover?

Please note that the technology fees only partially cover the costs associated with printing including paper, toner, and maintenance of printers. Abuse of printing privileges financially reduces funds to support other computing initiatives.

Print Credit Cycles

The print credit will be available for students the first day of classes each semester. The credit is only provided to current students enrolled in at least 8 hours of coursework. There is no quota available for faculty, staff or alumni, unless they are currently enrolled in classes and have paid the Student Technology Fee.

All printing credits will expire on the last day of exams. The print credit has no cash value; there are no refunds or transfers for unused quotas.

Students who add money to their account for printing credits will be able to use those credits within 4 hours of depositing the monies.

Printing Issues

Students or faculty can request a print credit if the printout is unreadable, the printout is wrinkled, or the printer queue goes down. In general, paper jams will not result in an additional charge because the printer will simply reprint the page without adding an additional charge. Students and faculty cannot request a credit for nonâ€Âprinter errors such as blank pages at the end of a document, print jobs that they changed their mind about, printing the wrong document, or spelling mistakes. Students must bring the flawed pages to the Computer Lab Assistant to receive a print credit.



The Responsibilities each party has in connection with this policy are: